Walking the Walls

It’s amazing what good use can be made of being early for an appointment! With half an hour to spare and having alighted from the bus at a very convenient stop, I followed the alley that runs alongside the old Friary on the edge of the remnants of one of the old town’s defensive ditches. The line of the fourteenth-century walls here, complete with the friary reredorter (lavatory) and round tower, was very rewarding, but further along, where it runs up to God’s House gate the sense of walking back in time was quite profound. Turning right past St Julian’s church, I crossed over to gaze up at the tower of the Water gate, then north and hard left to investigate Canute’s Palace. This short walk – all I had time for – gave me the inspiration to add to or adapt part of what I have already written to include a ‘Bevis walk’. This would be entirely a fantasy, but could prove fun. What a shame the castle no longer exists!

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