Aah! Books!

The Central Library’s interlibrary loan service is proving to be invaluable, if a bit expensive! Robert Allen Rouse’s book on the importance of Anglo-Saxon references in medieval texts proved to be absolutely fascinating and so informative and helpful to my research that I simply had to find a copy I could afford buy – which I did. It’s a mine of inspiration and well worth the outlay, which was not excessive for an academic book.

I am more persuaded now to go along with current thinking, while still wondering why the matter of language development seems sidelined. Maybe I haven’t found the book or articles on this but I have enough to be going on with for now.

The book on Medieval England 1086-1348 is equally fascinating in its own way, and also worth the outlay to have it to hand. With the unrelated article out of the way and awaiting judgement, I really hope to get back into the Bevis research and writing without further distractions (some hope!) but there’s nothing like new books to whet the appetite.

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