A new impulse

After managing more time in the Hartley Library at the University, I am in now doubt now that 2 important issues are emerging from my work on Bevis, but at present they appear contradictory. In one respect the text seems to conform to the opinions of other scholars that it forms part of the propaganda designed to elide the effects of the Conquest, but from another perspective it seems to challenge this view. All the more exciting!

It can certainly now be argued that the text as we have it offers important insights into the relativity of race and morality, showing clearly that these are independent of one another and based entirely in the individual, thus making the text highly significant in view of modern tensions based along this potential division. I find this really exciting! Can’t wait to get on with the writing, but other matters require attention this week. However, there are bound to be odd moments when I can continue reading the fascinating books on the historical background.

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