The story continues

In fact the title should read ‘stories’ because various aspects of the Bevis story continue to develop. I was delighted and very honoured to be invited to participate in the event organised today byBevois Mount History, in association with the Outer Avenue Residents’ Association. It was lovely to talk with so many knowledgeable people and to find out more about the area that has been closely associated with Bevis/Bevois for the last 3 centuries. Discovering the proliferation of Cedar of Lebanon trees in the area was deeply interesting from the point of view of the medieval story itself, but more recent (!) history of the area’s links with the slave trade, and the Sufragettes, were additional eye-openers.

I also began to ponder whether it was entirely by chance that the French spelling is used in texts and other writing while those of us born and brought up in Southampton pronounce the name accoding to the medieval spelling!

Apart from an education in the local details of history, it was good to catch up with Matt Beames and hear more about the progress of the comic on which he is working as well as his new new drama project.

For more information regarding Bevois Mount see  -web page for the history group who are part of the residents association –

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