New Research

A sudden light-bulb moment has pushed me into a new line of research. It was enlightening to read an old essay by Susan Crane that questioned why the earls of Arundel have been so constantly linked to the Bevis story on the basis of a 1 brief reference to Bevis promising to build his horse a castle? Furthermore, the name of the castle has been derived from false etymology in this fable of a link with the earls of Arundel.

The horse’s name is, of course, derived from ‘hirondelle’, the French for ‘swallow’, and what more apt name for the finest of horses, that it should be likened to the swift and manouverable bird, implying that its pace is fast and airy? This hyperbole is more famously reiterated in Shakespeare’s Henry V, when the Dauphin describes his own horse as ‘pure air and fire!’

Crane further questions why the burial of Bevis is associated with St Lawrence. I think I have just discovered the answer to both Crane’s questions! I am busy following this line of research and will report again on it once it is written up.

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