Making the Most of Time

This week’s snow has caused all sorts of problems and disruption, among which must be counted the loss of the Poetry Reading Group’s monthly meeting. The Central Library wisely declared itself Closed over the last 3 days, so I have continued nibbling away at the Boeve research. As usual, the more I have written and read the more emerges to be read, and some of today’s reading has been fascinating as it filled in more information but threw up new areas of research. Nevertheless, I’ve made it right through to the end of the draft and rewritten the end. There remains much to do, I think, still taking a sentence at a time, but it is a bit less than it was. I’ve firmed up my thoughts on the significance of Saint-Omer as a background context. I’ve discovered the Anglo-Norman Anonymous site and as the afternoon fades I’m left with the feeling that if only I could have a few more days like this, the work might really tighten up. However, that is not going to happen, so I shall keep nibbling!

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