The Tale of a Tail and other things

The news today is that the tail of one of Southampton’s famous lions has fallen off! Or has the ghost of Bevis returned to wreak vengeance on the images of these ferocious beasts that ‘menaced’ his beloved in a cave? The official line is that the metal has succumbed after several centuries to natural deterioration. The tail is in the safe-keeping of the city archaeologist while the inevitable problem of funding makes it unlikely that restoration will take place quickly. Pictures can be found at

While the lion has been in the process of losing its appendage, the summer has given me some time to research the possibility that Boeve de Haumtone really does recollect the circumstances of a very early royal adventus. The form of these entries was very variable, and suited to many local circumstances. I believe there are grounds enough to propose the idea seriously. There are a few more translations to be done, and some further consultation of contemporary chronicles, but I hope to have a finished form of the argument in place perhaps before Christmas. However, as it is speculative, it may never get further than the Academia website where other scholars will be able to assess and take pot shots at it! My confidence in that area may increase with further research, but I am prepared for ‘savaging to take place’. If anyone remembers the exact circumstances of this quote I shall be amazed!

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