Back on track

It’s been the best part of 6 weeks since I was last able to think seriously about writing. I hadn’t realised how intensely tired I was until the lull after the Christmas festivities. Happily, now that has passed, thanks in part to good friends. Quite inadvertently, the spur to write has returned and my work on Bevis is underway again. This does not mean that I have turned my back on Boeve. Far from it. Thanks to the feedback from the Medium Aevum reader, and the rather encouraging comments from the editor, I am eager to revise the paper. The argument really does work, but needs a stronger historical basis in one place, and a more assertive statement about the commonsense approach of looking to Southampton for a patron. However, I almost argued myself out of the relevance of my original theory, based on dating, but have realised that a sequential dating may be possible, and that this would justify the later dating that has been proposed.

Before I can work on the revision, however, I have some translation to do, so progress on Boeve will be slow, and temporarily delayed while I work on another approach to Bevis.

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