April, and some excitement

Maybe not the sort of thing to get everyone excited, but a great article on Fraxinet has proved a bit of encouragement, so too has finding work by a Durham scholar. Frank Barlow’s book on The Godwins is sending me in the direction of work by Rhona Beare and back to Walter Map. I don’t doubt now that Boeve contains comments on royal family lineage as its literal level rewrites the history and land-rights of the Godwin family to obliterate them in favour of the Anglo-Normans. But it does not seem to support ruling faction. This only relates at present to the very first part of the poem. It will fit the Continuation later, but that really is another story, and I believe at present that the text is a great deal more ‘self-aware’ than it seems – almost as if one has to read past the fiction – which would be reasonable for a medieval text. So much reading to do!

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