A Missing Piece

For a long time now I’ve been trying to track down a reference to Celtic mythology which certainly bears on the episode in Boeve when the hero is wounded in the thigh by one of the lions which attacks him and menaces Josian. At long last I found details of the essay that discusses the Celtic myth and thanks to the patient help of the Interlibrary Loans service at the Central Library I now have Proinsias Mac Cana’s ‘Women in Irish Mythology’. It has opened up important lines of enquiry and new considerations about the way female characters are presented in Boeve. So I now have to go away and read more about this. Meanwhile, the etymology of names and their relationship to wider issues continues to tantalise, and I still haven’t laid to rest the matter of the swallows, which realistically look more like eagles or hawks, so more etymological enquiry is needed. It’s hard to believe it’s July already, but this is a task that keeps fragmenting and is all the better for it.

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