Excitement at last

Earlier this year I thought I’d never feel that familiar excitement of following an idea to see if it led anywhere interesting. At last the Boeve research is beginning to feel exciting. Having narrowed my focus down, for now, just to the etymology of the name, some really interesting things are beginning to happen. The original work I did last year on this remains pertinent, but taking it in more depth is providing a better sense of control and detail. The records, of course, are the problem, wherever one looks they are either in Latin, but it is now a matter of tracking down what the Latin glosses. That leads to some further interesting possibilities, not least Butcher’s Row in Southampton. Or maybe that lost Saxon warrior and his bow. Only time will tell as I pick through the elements. In fact, my other strand of research prompted this microscopic process when I read Tolkien’s scholarly analysis of the name Nodens.

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