Maiolus of Cluny, the key?

The work I am doing on Boeve keeps coming back to the same questions, one of which is how does Maiolus of Cluny fit into the wider picture of transmission? I am sure he does, and I can see how the two-part structure of Boeve mirrors the two events that lead to the defeat of the Andalusi pirates in Provence, one of which involves Maiolus.

I can see how Cluny relates to distantly to Henry II because it was founded by his ancestor William I of Aquitaine (the Pious), but it is really SO distant, and even Maiolus pre-dates Henry by more than 200 years.

There is a potential line of transmission through Benedictine foundations. St Bertin may be one, it is certainly important in its own time, and had its own Abbot Bovo, although he was a ‘bad thing’. Malmesbury may be another. It’s all very fascinating, but so slow to unravel, and as fast as I think I’ve found a definite thread it ravels itself up into even more of a Gordian knot.

Magnyfycence is still open encouragingly on my desk, but I really need to come at this from a different direction, preferably with a great big sword!

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